Robert Fulton’s new book, Up in the Air, A Pilot’s Journey chronicles his successful 50-year career with over 20,000 flight hours – from 300 combat missions in Vietnam (at age 21) to saving lives as a Life Flight pilot (helicopter EMS), Fulton takes you on his harrowing journey.

Former US Army Vietnam pilot, Robert Fulton was at the height of his career as director for an Emergency Management Services flight program in Southwest Florida, when his job suddenly vanished overnight. Just three months shy of being vested in the company retirement plan, Robert’s dream and career were shattered. Without an aircraft to fly for the first time in 50-years, Fulton was deeply depressed and grounded.

His new book, Up in the Air, A Pilot’s Journey helped him overcome depression and PTSD, through journaling an aviation memoir. This book was created out of an effort to resolve a deep sadness that haunted the author for over thirty years; he had experienced an especially traumatic event during combat. At the suggestion of a Retirement Coach/Author, Marianne Oesher, he turned to journaling as an outlet for his darkness. Robert defied all odds – not only did he write a book, he penned a screenplay, created a podcast and became an award-winning speaker.

“I never expected reinventing my career at age 66 could be this much fun and attract so many amazing opportunities and new connections,” says Fulton.

As a teenager, Robert’s lifelong dream was to be a pilot. When he realized he couldn’t afford flight school — he joined the US Army Flight Program. He qualified to fly Cobra gunships and left for Vietnam in 1969.

No stranger to reinvention, Robert has successfully navigated the ups and downs of his career as a pilot, from combat missions in Vietnam to crop dusting, logging, EMS hospital pilot, and a stint at Eastern Airlines.

A family man, Robert helped raise five children while zigzagging them across the continent, wherever his new jobs took them.

“Robert Fulton shares his aviation story from humble beginnings that led him, against great odds, to learn, grow and succeed as a pilot and leader on many types of aircraft and helicopters,” said Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines & Braniff International.

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