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Robert Fulton

"Robert Fulton shares his aviation story from humble beginnings that led him, against great odds, to learn, grow and succeed as a pilot and leader on many types of aircraft and helicopters."

-Howard Putnam

Former CEO of Southwest Airlines & Braniff International

Author: The Winds of Turbulence

Up in the Air; A Pilot's Journey

By Robert Fulton

"This memoir by Robert Fulton recounts his journey as a pilot during an unbroken career of almost fifty years “Up in the Air.” As a young adult, he pumped gas at an airport to pay for flying lessons, and then scrambled to fulfill his dream, by saving up for flight school, but found the financial demands too steep. He joined the US Army Flight Program as a welcome detour to fly airplanes, but like many candidates, he ended up where the Army needed him most–as a helicopter pilot. So, he qualified to fly Cobra gunships and left for Vietnam in 1969.

During his career as a pilot, he helped raise five children while zig-zagging them across the continent in a series of double-digit moves to find flying jobs wherever they were available, including relocating his family three hundred miles above the Arctic Circle, their belongings in the belly of a Boeing 737. So, buckle up beside this seasoned pilot as together you swoop, Up in the Air."

Robert Fulton, Former Vet Helicopter Pilot-Turned-Author w/Robyn Levin

"If Robert Fulton flies a jet or helicopter as good as he writes and tells the story of his aviation career, he must be one heck of a pilot. The lessons learned and experiences related in this book are a worthwhile read for anyone in aviation from a student pilot to the senior airline captain flying all over the world."


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